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Me and Ray (the two slowest!) in Panama City, FlaRide briefing in the darkCooking Breakfast in the morning - 35 degreesBike store sculptureBest Oyster Po'Boy ever in Apalachicola - 12 count 'em 12 oysters!StuffedSopchoppy or Panacea?Rainy Day in CampLike Shaw said, "if it hurts you or kills you, Florida has it"The Diner in Blountsville where I had a "panwich"Cypress swampOops - they didn't tell us about this.  Had to cross the creek."Tea" water - from the tanninsThe Bruce Cafe in Bruce, FLAThe Bruce Cafe in Bruce, FLASculpture in a biker bar - Harley biker bar, that isCoastal Dune Lake outflowFlorida Coast Bike Trip