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High School Senior Photo time! https://www.absoluteimages.org/blog/2023/11/high-school-senior-photo-time It's time for High School Senior Portraits! Got this one in last week before the leaves dropped.

Moothart, Tyler_MG_0147 crop2 copyMoothart, Tyler_MG_0147 crop2 copy

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Photo compositing to add and remove team members from group photo https://www.absoluteimages.org/blog/2023/11/photo-compositing-to-add-and-remove-team-members-from-group-photo With the photos taken individually then composited, it's easy to add and remove members as the team evolves over time. Just added Samantha on the right and changed her pink shirt to dark gray. Thank you Sean Kerr and the property management team at Kerr Property Management.


Kerr Property Management Group

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Lark + Fir Irina Gitlin https://www.absoluteimages.org/blog/2023/11/LarkandFir Thanks to Lark + Fir Realty! We brought the portable studio to their office in Multnomah Village, Portland, Oregon for a new realtor headshot photography session.  Irina had lots of ideas to add and the photos turned out great.  Here is her favorite:


Gitlin, Irina_MG_0357 wide copyGitlin, Irina_MG_0357 wide copy

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